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Model ZLE-001 Electric Car

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Product Description
1)Dismensions(mm)(L*W*H): 3400*1480*1150
2)Rated passengers(persons): 4
3)Distance per charge(full load)(km)>80-100
4)Max. Running speed(km/h)L: 50
5)Min. Turning diameter: 7. 2
6)Max. Climbing capability(ful load): 30%
7)Wheel base(mm): 2120
8)Tread(mm) 1225
9)Storage battery: 48V/150Ah
10)Motor: 3kw
11)Charger: 48V/20A
12)Charger time: 6-12h
13)N. W.: 630KG
14)Gear system: Infinitely speeds
15)Breaking distance: (speed 30km/h)<4m


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