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P168 iPhone Clone X
Low-cost, unlocked iPhone Clone

Delivery cost


Basic function;
Bar type;
Antenna Built-in;
Dual-SIM cards supported;
Network Rate: GSM/GPRS Class 12; 900/1800/1900MHz
Color: black, white

Screen Parameter: 260K TFT multicolor screen; 240*320pixels,3.5inch;

Talk time: MAX.390Mintues;
Standby time: MAX.228Hours;
WAP2.0 Browser is supportable;
Blue tooth available;
Java supported;
2M pixel camera with CMOS;
6speakers; MP3 MP4 video; FM

Standard accessories:
Two 1800Amh lithium battery;
Data wire
Stereo earphone
256M T-flash card
User manual"


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